Intergalactic Monster
The Paint Monster is a great villian of the Lakie En Lappie storys. He is the main villian, along with Lark in the storys. He comes in other seasons and storys, but first in Lakie En Lappie Darkness Returns Part 1, then as villian in Lakie En Lappie Darkness Returns Part 2.


The Paint Monster was created of a dark power in Lakieland, Larfonius. Larfonius is a dark paint in Lakieland. He locked up in the Paint Shrine. Then, Lark with the Brush Of Dark opened the door and Lakie fights him. Before, the monster's hand go intro Lakie and steals his heart. One Hour have Lakie, or she die............Then, when Lakie gets his heart back, he is punched by the Paint Demon. He comes in an another dimension, then he falls in a pool Larforllius. Then he have's new powers.


  • He is the main villian.
  • He called in his second form Intergalactic Monster, because he was transformed in it in a another dimension. Then he is called Intergalactic Monster.
  • He is never been fighted as Intergalactic Monster, because Lakie asked if they fight and he says they will fight an another time
  • Its unknown when he will be fighted.



Lakie En Lappie Darkness Returns Part 1

Lakie En Lappie Darkness Returns Part 2

Lakie En Lappie 12 Darkness Returns Part 3

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Lakie En Lappie Darkness Returns Part 1

Lakie En Lappie Darkness Returns Part 2


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